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Tuesday Through Saturday

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We're not known as the "nicest little bar in Baltimore" for nothing! Our friendly atmosphere coupled with our fine selections of beers, wines, and cocktails make us a stand-out! We offer Happy Hour Tuesday through Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm, featuring special prices on select beers, specials every night, and some thoroughly enjoyable theme nights.

Happy Hour beer specials:
$2 Boh drafts,
$3 cans All Day IPA
$4 Union Duckpin
$4 Union Anthem

Kitchen News

We welcome our new chef, Toure Stoney and feature a newly-updated menu still prepared with our emphasis on fresh and delicious food prepared in-house.

To check out our menu, CLICK HERE!

We offer items for all palates, including delicious vegetarian and vegan choices.

Kitchen hours are 3pm to 10:30 pm.

Trivia Has Moved to Tuesday!

Join us at the Pint every Tuesday at 8 pm for friendly competition at trivia.

Join Us For an Art Show!


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August 4 - September 7

"Finger Painting: Images
of Italy"

Kini Collins

I came back from a recent trip to Italy with several bags of powdered paint pigment.  Red and yellow ocher, raw sienna, a sort of Prussian blue and viridian.  So beautiful, I needed to touch them, wanted no tool between me and the color.  So I sprinkled them onto surfaces, like you would sprinkle flour when kneading dough, then rubbed the colors with my hands, sometimes using a little water, sometimes not.  Final touch was an acrylic sealer.


"Convent of San Marco"

"Venice Nocturne"

Reception August 4, 6-8 pm


Bring your friends!







For our NEW Kitchen Menu:

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Opening August 4:

"Finger Painting--Images of Italy"

Kini Collins

Reception: August 4 from 6 - 8 pm


Outdoor seating is now available during good weather.